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Membership Benefits

•As a member of the Chesak/Martin PTA you are eligible to vote at all general membership meetings (make your voice heard!)  

•Being a member of our PTA lets you meet new people while helping out in your child's school and working with the staff who guide your child's learning.  

•You can volunteer whenever you can (or not at all), at your own comfort level (no pressure!)

•Your membership dollars also make it possible for the PTA to bring huge benefits to your children all year long.  

•As a PTA member, you are entitled to discounts/offers from National PTA partners such as Hertz, AARP, Sylvan, MetLife, Schwan's Cares, Staples and TeenSafe.

To access these discounts, please visit the Member Benefits Providers page.  You will need the information found on your PTA membership card.

Did you know you can become a 
2020-2021  Chesak/Martin PTA member 
through our website?  It's simple: just 
select your membership type below and 
use you credit card or pay pal account to 
pay your dues.



*Please be sure to include all children at Chesak & Martin schools (separate each child's information with a comma).


         Or download our membership form.                    Then send the completed form along with your payment with your child to school or mail to : Chesak/Martin PTA, 10910 Reed Road, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

By giving us your e-mail address you agree to receive emails from CMPTA.  You may safely unsubscribe at anytime.

The Chesak/Martin PTA invites you to become a member for the 2020-
2021 school year.  Our membership year runs July 1 through June 30, so 
it's a great time to get your membership started.

Join us to make a difference in the education and quality of life for our 
children.  We’re always looking for fresh faces with new ideas and a 
desire to help!  PTA is a private, nonprofit association and the largest 
volunteer child advocacy organization in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I join?
A: Joining the PTA will help you get 
involved on another level at your 
child's school and learn how the 
PTA works with the schools.

Q: If I become a member, will I be 
contacted to volunteer?

A: We only contact people who have 
expressed an interest in 
volunteering or who have contacted 
us about volunteering.

Q: Do I get a membership card?
A: Yes, once your payment is 
received you will have your own 
membership card. You will need to 
renew your membership each year.

Q. How involved do I have to be if I join the PTA?

A.  Your involvement is completely up to you.  Members are not required to volunteer.  If you are interested in volunteering, you can check out our volunteer page for detailed information. We also post volunteer opportunities via FacebookTwitter and email.

Q. How long is my membership for?
A.  Our membership runs July 1-June 30

Q: If I don't have a child in the school, can I still be a member?
A: Yes, a PTA is open to all people with or without a child in that school.

Q: What does the PTA stand for?
A: Parent Teacher Association

Q: Do I get to vote?
A: Yes, but you must be a paid member for 30 days or more to be involved in voting.

Q: What does the PTA do?
A:  Our Mission Statement:  
•To work in conjunction with teachers and staff to enhance the educational experience of the students.
•To encourage parent and community involvement in our schools.
•To support and speak oh behalf of all children in the schools before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.
•To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children

Q. How does the PTA affect my child?
A.  The PTA funds many programs/activities throughout the year that students participate in.  Some of them include: family events, field trips, young authors, scholastic news and many more.

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