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Ethical Conduct Agreement for the Chesak/Martin PTA 2017-2018

Board Members must:

1. Uphold the Bylaws, Objectives, and Basic Policies of the Illinois PTA.

2. Respect all members of the board, and refrain from comments, public and private, which defame the work or character of any board member.

3. Respect the confidentiality of all information, both oral statements and written materials. Materials and statements designed to be shared with the members are not considered confidential.

4. Respect and support decisions adopted by the board and made within the parameters of the Bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order. Disagreements with those decisions need to be brought before the PTA board. Decisions deserve the respect and confidentiality of each member of the board.

5. Recognize that the president is the official spokesperson of the Chesak/Martin PTA.

6. When making statements based on personal opinions, declare publicly that the statements are personal and are not being offered as the position of the Chesak/Martin PTA.

7. Respect the Chesak/Martin PTA and not make statements that will undermine the public confidence in the organization or damage its reputation.

8. Acknowledge that the dignity of each individual is a right that needs to be recognized and protected by contributing to a board environment that is fair and democratic.

9. Respect the board and the president by providing adequate information concerning an absence or resignation.

10. Resign when unable to fulfill the duties of the position.

11. Recognize that when a conflict arises, it is the obligation of each board member to address that conflict in an atmosphere of respect and democracy. When the conflict becomes harmful to the Chesak/Martin PTA, it is the duty of a board member to resign.

12. Refrain from using one's position for the personal financial gain of self, family, or personal friends.

13. Acknowledge acceptance of these guidelines by signing the agreement. Signed copies will be retained by the board member and the president.Any infraction of this ethics statement shall be reviewed by the executive committee of Chesak/Martin PTA. If further action is deemed appropriate by the executive committee, recommendations of the executive committee may be referred to the full board for consideration.


The board of Chesak/Martin PTA may make additions or revisions to this statement at their scheduled meetings as part of the review of standing rules. Board members who are in violation of the Bylaws, or not upholding the OBJECTS or Basic Policies of the Chesak/Martin PTA may be subject to dismissal.

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