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Check out this Animoto made by the students in Ms. Bueche's class. We are proud to sponsor the Martin
S.T.E.M. Lab! (S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Thank you to everyone who has 
participated in our fundraisers. You helped make this possible!

Teams were given the job of designing a rover that could move space rocks to the space lab for further study.  Teams of 3 or 4 students then had to design the robot from scratch, build it, make sure the motor actually made the robot move, drive it,  and then actually complete the tasks of moving 
the rocks. Points were given for the various sizes of rocks that were moved. Extra points were given for rocks that were lifted and moved.

More about STEM Lab

Can third grade students really do engineering? That was a question Martin Elementary School teacher Lauren Lesak 
asked herself after the school created two STEM Robotics Labs within existing computer labs in 2014. Now, well into a 
year that has seen several Martin classes work within the labs, teachers are asking new questions:

How do we keep them in STEM through high school and beyond? How can we apply the skills learned in the lab across the curriculum? What can’t these kids do?   

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