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Fun Run is coming back in SPRING 2022!! Stay Tuned! 

-> Please have your sponsor(s) fill out their information on the pledge sheet and collect the money up front.
-> On Fun Run Day, students will turn in the Pledge Sheet along with the donation money to their teacher!

The money raised during this Fun Run will be a direct donation to your school and will help offset the costs throughout the school year for:

  • Field Trips

  • Assemblies

  • Guest Speakers

  • Hands on workshops to enhance social emotional learning (SEL)

  • Family Events

  • and much more!


Important Dates

Donations Due:

Fun Run:

Raffle Winner announced:

Prizes distributed: 

We truly appreciate your support of Chesak, Martin and the CMPTA.

We are inviting your family & friends to help support your school this year in a new way!  We have traditionally done catalog fundraisers and we are excited about implementing a Fun Run similar to the other schools in the district.

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