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Flower Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do the flowers come in?
A. Watch our home page for exact dates 
and times. Flowers are typically delivered to Chesak the week before Mother's Day.  Pick up is usually between 4:30 and 8pm. Any flowers not picked up will be subject to resale & no 
refund can be given.

Q. Are they locally grown?
A. Flowers are grown in Marengo, IL.  All 
plants are cared for and grown in special sterile soil.  This often requires more water during the hot and drier summer days.  With proper care, your flowers should thrive.

Q. When is it safe to plant my flowers?
A.  We recommend no plants be placed in the ground until after all danger of frost and freezing weather is gone (usually by mid-May).  Both baskets and flats should be protected from cold weather.

Planting Tips

For Full Shade:
For full shade (shade all day), go with 
Impatiens and Begonias in flats or baskets.

For Full Sun:
For full sun areas (at least 6 hours of direct sun), the Profusion Zinnias and Marigolds do best as they have good heat tolerance. The Zinnias are nice because this variety grow shorter and if you pinch them back they branch and spread out real nice.  

Filling in your flower bed:
If you want to fill in your garden quickly and make your yard look spectacular, plant plenty of flowers about 8 inches apart, in a staggered pattern.

Ordering Tips

Please read:
►Colors and images are for descriptive purposes only!  Products may have slight variation(s) to those descriptions or images.

►Due to unusual weather conditions the pick up date may be changed and you will be notified.  This is to insure your order is protected from weather extremes.  We make every effort to deliver your order as scheduled for pickup.

►No orders will be distributed before the scheduled time due to students and busing existing at the end of the school day.  All orders not picked up by 8 PM subject to resale.  No exceptions!

We sell 2 types of containers:

Flats - contain 48 cells of the same flower type and color (unless ordering mixed colors)

Hanging Baskets - great for hanging 
on your front porch


(see more photos on Pinterest)

The Beautification committee holds an annual flower sale each spring.  We offer a variety of baskets, flats and potted plants just in time for spring planting and Mother's Day.  All items are locally grown and conditioned for Chicago weather. See below for pictures of most of the flowers we're offering this year:

The annual Flower Sale was started as a means to fund beautification projects and to improve the campus setting.  Proceeds from past flower sales have provided funds to plant dozens of trees and shrubs to date.

Annual Flower Sale:

Pick up Wednesday May 8th from 4:30 - 8:00 pm at Chesak


(see more photos on Pinterest)

Mixed Variety Baskets:

Patriot  a mix of Red Deep Purole and White (new) (see photo)

Sunshine mix of yellow white with yello face & white (new) (see photo)

Hawaiian Hilo -  Red, Purple and Yellow (see photo)

Hawaiian Summer - Hot Red, Hot Orange and Pineapple (see photo)

Hawaiian Country -  Red, White and Blue (see photo)

Hubb's Orchid Lavendar, lavendar Deep Purple Face (see photo)

Playdate mixed yellow  white w/purple face and red (new) (see photo)

Glossy Mango  Deep purple face, lavendar & Apricot (new) (see photo)

Oktoberfest  black satin red and red (new a must see) (see photo)

Blue Danube Purple, Yellow and white (new)  (see photo)

Hubbs Pirate Beauty mix of Pinks and Burgandy (see photo)

Hubbs Cherry Soft Pink, Deep Pink and Burgandy ​ (see photo)

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